Bakawan (Big Book)

One day, the curious Tagak brings home not just stories from his daring travels, but strange objects from people. Find out how these objects will affect the many animals living peacefully and bountifully in Bakawan.

Isang araw, hindi lamang mga kuwento ang iniuwi ni mausisang Tagak mula sa kaniyang pakikipagsapalaran, kundi pati kakaibang mga bagay ng tao. Tuklasin kung paano binago ng mga bagay na ito ang maraming hayop na nabubuhay nang mapayapa at masagana sa Bawakan.

The book was translated into Swedish by Anna Gustaffsson-Chen, and was published by Bokförlaget Trasten. This Swedish edition won the 2013 Peter Pan Prize, with this citation from IBBY-Sweden:

The Filipino picture book Naku, nakuu, nakuuu! represents a part of the world not often seen in Swedish publishing for children. The theme, however, is universal: A child getting a younger sibling. The boy Isko’s anxiety about the changes he suspects will take place in his family is expressed by the recurrent cry of “Naku, nakuu, nakuuu!” (roughly “My, my, oh my!”).

The illustrations mirror the main character’s apprehension, and visualize his fears in an imaginative and detailed way. Through a changing palette of colours the pictures follow Isko’s mood from anxious bewilderment to the harmonious final page: Here, the mask which Isko has worn throughout the book has been removed, and he seems to have grown into his role of soon-to-be older brother.

AUTHOR: Mae Astrid Tobias, Catherine Untalan, and Reena Rae Sarmiento
ILLUSTRATOR: Van Zeus Allen Bascon
ISBN: 978-971-508-335-5
PUBLISHED: Adarna House
SIZE: 11 inches by 17 inches

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