Ay Naku!


  • 2nd National Children’s Book Award, Best Reads of 2010-2011

A boy’s night of mischief is told in 65 simple Filipino verbs and everyday dialogue, perfect for toddlers. For an inside peek, follow this link.

Using only 65 choice words to tell the story of Botbot, a young boy whose spiritedness gets him “ay naku” from his frustrated parents. BotBot is such an exuberant child that he tends to put his shirts inside out and cause commotions around the house. In spite of all the ruckus, Mom and Dad’s “ay naku” turns into a loving expression at the end of the day and Botbot is assured of his family’s love. Sergio Bumatay III’s illustrations show fondness for our little hero, and reveal his gifts as a storyteller. This is a dear book that should be on the shelf of every emerging reader who appreciates an exciting, endearing tale. It is also a wonderful book for teaching Filipino words in a fresh, creative way.

Author-publisher Reni Roxas is a seasoned book editor and has published over 100 books under Tahanan Books. With Ay Naku! she shows that she has the heart of a writer, too. —Becky Kho, Smart Parenting

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