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Bása Bookstore is a social enterprise whose mission is to promote the ingenuity of Filipino authors and publishers by bringing their works closer to communities across the country.

We have made it our mission to shorten the gap between publishers and local consumers thereby effectively giving the opportunity to have a wider selection of local books available to consumers and for publishers to get their works to emerging cities with no overhead and little effort.Equally important is our goal to help create a culture of reading among Filipino communities, starting with the children. 


Bása Bookstore on the Road
Bása Bookstore will make its way to more provinces across the Philippines. We are on a mission to bring donations to public schools across the Philippines through the  BasaBike  and BasaVan. 
Supporting Bása Bookstore
By aiding Bása Bookstore, you are giving Filipino kids access to auxiliary reading materials paving the way for learning, values formation, and closer family ties. You are also supporting Filipino publishers, writers, and artists. Most of all, you are helping to preserve the Filipino culture. Your book donation will go a long way! 

We have compiled bundles of books that you can choose to donate. A small fee for logistics has been included in the package to help us in the delivery of your donation.


If you would like to receive updates about the progress of this campaign, please remember to fill out the email field upon checkout or email us at



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